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April May’s Testimony by PW Musical Productions, sung by broadwayaprilmay


April May here, at your service!
Mr. Lawyer, you seem nervous -
Gee, I hope I haven’t made you lose your cool! (Oh, you’re blushing~)
Oh, I’ve got this fuzzy feeling
What I say will be revealing!
But they might need time to mop up all the drool. (You might want to get a mop.)

I was staying for a spell,
At the Gatewater Hotel,
'Cause they have bestest bellboys over there.
It was nine or nine-oh-one,
When I saw the murder done -
And the girl who did it, sitting in that chair!

It was awful! It was brutal!
And I screamed, but it was futile,
And that’s why I had to watch in horror instead - (It was so scary!)
As the victim, in her fright,
Tried to dodge off to the right -
So the hippie lady took the clock and hit her right on the head! (It was so violent!)

When she clocked her with the clock,
I was overcome with shock,
But I called the cops, ‘cause these things make me squirm. (Whoow~)
It’s so hot here… can I stop
To loosen up my top?

Thanks, boys~